It’s a surprise party! Bonita is full of spunk, stubbornness, and sass, which she credits to her New York upbringing. Bonita’s stubborn personality was put to the test when her family decided they wanted her Dream to be a surprise!

Bonita was provided very little information about her day. All she knew was she was going to get dolled up for a lunch out with her daughters. That didn’t stop Bonita from begging for a glimpse into her surprise, but everyone’s lips were sealed! On the day of her Dream, Bonita was dressed in a new outfit, her hair styled and with a fresh manicure. Looking beautiful, she anxiously made her way to an afternoon with her daughters.

Little did Bonita know that the Dreamweaver team had gathered not just her daughters but all her loved ones for a dinosaur-themed party. The best surprise of all, Bonita’s brother, who she hadn’t seen in over 30 years, attended the party! When Bonita arrived at the Fremont State Lakes Lodge, she took in all her family, friends and the decorations and was thrilled at what was done for her special day. While taking in her surprise, the crowd parted and revealed her brother! Bonita could not get to her brother fast enough, nearly falling out of her wheelchair in her effort!

After not seeing each other for thirty years, Bonita and her brother held hands throughout the afternoon, neither one wanting to let go. Bonita spent a wonderful afternoon dining with her loved ones, capturing family photos, and delighting in her dinosaur decorations. She even told us “I am going to take this memory to heaven with me when I go.”

Following her party, Bonita’s family put the dinosaur decorations to good use as they are now displayed in Bonita’s room.  As Bonita looks around her room, she takes pleasure in the memories of that special day, feeling happy and blessed by the love of her family and friends.

Dreamweaver Foundation was happy to help pull off this memorable surprise party for a very special lady!