At Dreamweaver Foundation, we encourage our clients to dream big, and Bob did just that, dreaming of going on an Alaska cruise! With the assistance of Freedom Travel, Bob and his wife, Willie, made their way to Alaska for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Bob and Willie boarded the Holland Cruise Line ship for a seven-day cruise and made themselves at home.  During the cruise, Bob and Willie took in the scenery from their balcony every day, enjoying the cool air and watching the sunrise and sunsets. From this scenic outlook, the couple enjoyed the beauty of nature and the local wildlife. Bob especially enjoyed seeing the islands as they were home to bears, eagles, sea lions, and otters. And Bob made sure to get in some much-needed relaxation, catching up on sleep and enjoying afternoon naps.

While Bob and Willie were on board, they were delighted by the service they received, noting that the members of the cruise team “made you feel like somebody” and that the “experience made them feel like royalty.” The couple enjoyed learning about the inner workings of the cruise and how the staff makes it run so smoothly! Of course, while they were at sea, they had to take advantage of the fresh seafood, enjoying delicious meals, with their favorite being the salmon!

When they had the opportunity to be on land, Bob and Willie took full advantage! Of their many excursions while docked, Bob found Sitka to be one of his favorite spots! While in Sitka, they enjoyed a tour lead by one of the local residents, which took them to attractions that are ‘off the beaten path.’ The tour introduced them to a lot of Sitka’s history, including Russian architecture and the purchase of Alaska.

Even more than the excursions and food, Bob’s absolute favorite part of the trip was whale watching. During one whale-watching excursion, they got to “get up close and personal” with humpback whales. Bob brought his binoculars along to get an even better view of these beautiful sea creatures and was absolutely blown away. The couple was captivated by the excitement of seeing each whale and the anticipation of seeing the next!

Dreamweaver Foundation is thrilled to have provided Bob and Willie with a once-in-a-lifetime Alaska cruise!