Years ago, Bob Hunt would ride the bus from Lincoln to Council Bluffs in hopes of winning it big. He dedicated at least one day a week to riding an hour up north to the casinos. He visited many, but his favorite was Ameristar.

When Shannon from Sumner Place nominated Bob to receive a Dream, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. When Dreamweaver Foundation told Bob we would plan and pay for a trip to the casino, his eyes got wide and a huge smile spread across his face.

On a sunny summer day in June, Bob, his brother and wife rode in style in a limo the 65 miles north…a step up from the bus rides he used to take. Bob was more than ready to get his hand on the slot machines and maybe, hopefully, feel the thrill of winning big. They were greeted by Dreamweaver staff, Lindsay, where she presented him with $250 in cash to enjoy.

Christie from Ameristar graciously provided Bob and his guests with lunch passes. They could fuel up on a bountiful and delicious buffet before heading to the floor.  They were escorted by Ameristar staff and their hospitality and kindness made the trip even more special.

Bob spent the afternoon laughing and smiling with his brother and wife while trying his luck at the different slot machines. They strolled around the floor, looking in awe at the bright lights and listening to the fun noises found only in casinos.

The limo arrived to take them back to Lincoln. As they rode back, they shared their favorite new memories. Bob reminisced about his many trips up to Ameristar. This one was one of the best.

Unfortunately, Bob didn’t win big at the slots.  He laughed with staff members at Sumner about his “empty pockets.”  Bob may have come back with only pennies in his pocket, but he returned rich with memories of a great day that will last forever.  Now, even weeks after his casino Dream, Bob is still sharing stories of that special day with others.

Thank you to Sumner Place, VIP Limo, and Ameristar Casino for making Bob’s Dream a success!