Bobby was nominated to receive a Dream from Dreamweaver by his doctor. Bobby is a very humble, grateful, and deserving man. His face lights up when he talks about his family of truck drivers. He had always wanted to follow in his sibling’s footsteps and drive an 18-wheeler himself. But when asked if he would like to have a “ride along” planned for his Dream, Bobby gracefully said “No thank you, I have been in many trucks before.”  

Another great joy in Bobby’s life is his daughter and other family members. For his Dream, Bobby wanted to visit her in Missouri and Dreamweaver wanted to assist in making that happen for him. While visiting his daughter in Missouri, he was also able to spend quality time with his granddaughter. In addition to simply enjoying being together, the family explored a local fair and were able to attend one of his granddaughter’s cheerleading competitions. Having such a good time together, Bobby decided to stay an extra week. His family then made plans to meet up with Bobby’s son and his family in Kansas City. It was a joyous family reunion filled with lots of laughs and many photos taken. 

The Dreamweaver team was so happy to witness the smiles on Bobby’s face when he recounted his visit with his family. It truly is life’s little moments that mean the world to dreamers like Bobby and that help make life-lasting memories for him and his family.