Bobby Burrow is the type of man who greets everyone he meets with a smile! Bobby is an outgoing individual who, despite his health diagnosis, is optimistic and kind to all. Knowing how much joy he brings to others, the staff at Azria Health Ashland wanted to return the favor!

Bobby was honored to be nominated by his friends at the facility and decided he would like to go fishing for his big Dream! The Dream Team reached out to our friends at Live Well. Go Fish. and they were excited to assist Bobby in getting out on the lake for an afternoon of fishing. Despite the day being wildly windy, with wind gusts of over 40 MPH, the Live Well. Go Fish. crew were confident their boat would remain stable, and Bobby made his way out on the water!

Bobby was joined on his fishing excursion by an entourage of his family and Dreamweaver Volunteer, Theresa. In spite of the windy conditions Bobby and his crew had a blast, playing with a bubble maker, fishing, and creating lots of new memories!

After fishing, Bobby and his family made their way to a local restaurant where he could indulge in his favorite foods! Remaining true to his positive nature, Bobby declared he had the best day fishing, regardless of the weather that kept the fish from biting! Bobby noted his favorite part of the Dream was getting to spend time with his family and creating new friendships! The Dreamweaver Team was delighted to help Bobby get out on the water with his loved ones, making his Dream now a treasured memory.