Bob and Onalea Huff were madly in love. They were married 73 years and had seen, been through and experienced a lot in this life. They raised seven children on a farm in Missouri. Bob raised cattle, rode horses, trained hunting dogs and could play a mean game of cards. Bob’s daughter said he was the smartest man she’d ever known.

To capture the love between Bob, Onalea and their children, the family thought taking family portraits for Bob’s Dream would be a good fit. So, photographer Amber went to visit Bob’s home at Sumner Place and met the large, wonderful family.

Different postures and poses, holding hands and laughing, Amber was capturing moments between Bob and his family. The smiles and compassion in each photo were authentic and true. It was a beautiful sunny day in Lincoln, Nebraska, and the perfect conditions for taking family portraits.

The daughter expressed gratitude after reviewing the photos at the end of their day together. The children were able to celebrate their father, and Bob was able to be surrounded by those who loved him most.