Upon first meeting Bill, the Dreamweaver team learned what his favorite hobby was… he loves “fishing, fishing, and more fishing.” We were happy to help grant Bill some much-needed time on the water for his dream. With the help of our friends at Live Well Go Fish, Bill and a couple of his friends spent an afternoon on Lake Wanahoo just outside of Wahoo. There were many individuals who helped make Bill’s dream memorable- David from Live Well Go Fish, his amazing volunteers, our outstanding Dreamweaver volunteer, Monika, and the phenomenal photographer, Amber Lihs. Amber captured the joy on Bill’s face as he reeled in fish, played with bubbles, flew a kite, and spent quality time laughing and smiling with his friends. Bill’s wife, Karen, was waiting for him on shore as he returned from fishing. The smile on both of their faces was priceless. The Dreamweaver team was happy to witness firsthand how true Bill’s love of fishing really is.