When Bev wasn’t working, you could find her socializing with friends. Traveling, crafting, cooking…it didn’t matter what they were doing, she just wanted to be surrounded by people she loved. Bev dedicated 22 years working as an Administrative Assistant at CHI Health, Children’s Hospital, and Nebraska Med while bartending at night since she was 19 years old. One of Bev’s favorite places to travel is Las Vegas. She has probably visited the City of Lights at least 25 times or more! Every time she came back from Vegas, she told her brother Dave about all the fun she had going to a concert, sightseeing and her favorite people watching! It has always been her dream, to share the excitement and sights of Vegas with Dave. Her other two siblings have visited Sin City before, but Dave never had the chance.

In 2017, Bev had to start slowing down, because of her recent ovarian and stomach cancer diagnosis. Her health has become her main focus but never forgetting her dream to take her brother to Vegas. When Bev’s sister, Barbara heard about Dreamweaver Foundation through her co-worker that recently fulfilled her dream through Dreamweaver, she knew she needed to nominate Bev. Barbara thought Bev would choose to go somewhere to relax, maybe a sandy beach, but Bev only had one thing on her mind, Vegas! Bev wanted to fulfill her dream of seeing the look on her brother’s face when he saw the Las Vegas Strip!

After a couple months of planning, it was finally Vegas time! VIP Limo escorted Bev, Dave and four of Bev’s closet friends. It was going to be a party! After a couple hours of travel, they arrived in Las Vegas. Bev was so excited to see the look on Dave’s face as they drove down the strip to The D that she forgot to have her camera ready to catch his excitement. Bev said, he was wowed by all the buildings and lights! Bev and company spent the next couple of days enjoying all sorts of Las Vegas: Hard Rock, Cesar’s Palace, Madame Tussauds even going to the Luxor to have (according to Bev) the best hotdog in the world, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog.

When they left Vegas, Dave said, he would go back, just not for a while! Bev enjoyed her Vegas time with her brother and closest friends.

Thank you Travel and Transport and VIP Limo for partnering with Dreamweaver to fulfill Bev’s Dream!