From a young age, Betty loved discovering her family’s history.  She would sit down with her grandmother and listen to stories of her ancestors.  Her grandmother instilled in her the importance of feeling connected to her family.

Betty married her husband in 1959.  They had three girls, Kristy, Judy and Jean and one boy, John.  Her husband worked as a diesel mechanic.  They moved often – “wherever the work was.”  Mostly traveling to different towns up and down Highway 20 through Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska.  Betty and the kids took advantage of each new adventure as a way to see a new part of the Mid-West.

Betty always enjoyed taking care of others; working at nursing homes or cleaning churches. Her kids remember her as the “super mom”. She was an amazing cook, made the best roast beef.  Neighbor kids were always over enjoying whatever Betty just took out of the oven. Betty sewed all her daughter’s confirmation and prom dresses. Her daughter’s talk about her beautiful art skills.  They received hand-made birthday cards every year and remember the beautiful paintings she created.

Moving often it was sometimes hard making friends.  Betty passed along her grandmother’s values of family importance to her children.  They often talked about their family history and tried researching their ancestry through family stories and information at the library.  This hobby carried on through her children’s adult lives.  When Mary from AseraCare in Norfolk heard about their love for family history, she knew Dreamweaver Foundation could help.

Dreamweaver created an account and purchased a DNA Kit giving Betty and her children the opportunity to experience researching their family history together.  We presented information for the Ancestry account along with scrapbooking material giving Betty and her family a way to capture memories and stories in a book.  We look forward to seeing the scrapbook filled with stories and family information in months to follow.

Thank you AseraCare for nominating Betty!