Bernice is the matriarch of her family and is loved so much by everyone. With grown children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren living across the country, it is often difficult to get the family together. Bernice’s ultimate dream was to attend her granddaughter Cassie’s wedding. Even though they live in Kentucky, Cassie, and her fiancé, Eric, choose to have their wedding in Nebraska so her grandma could attend. The couple considered their wedding to be a “destination wedding” for their guests. With 85% of the wedding guests traveling from out-of-state, a charter bus and passenger van was rented to assist with transporting guests to and from the wedding. The wedding guests traveled from Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Utah, Michigan, California, Wyoming, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, and Bernice’s home state of Washington.

When Bernice found out that the wedding would be held at the bride’s parents’ acreage in Springfield, Nebraska, she was quite emotional. She knew it would not be possible to travel a long distance to the wedding, and the fact that the wedding would be only 30 minutes away made her tear up with happiness. To add even more significance to the day, September 2nd was the birthday of Bernice’s mother.

Dreamweaver Foundation ensured Bernice was able to attend the fall wedding. The team helped schedule a hair appointment and manicure before the wedding and provided transportation and a caregiver to accompany Bernice. They also provided her with a meaningful wedding gift to give to the newlyweds. When Bernice arrived at the wedding, everyone surrounded her with love. She had a rotation of family and friends stopping to visit her. After enjoying the delicious dinner, she was so full that she had to take her cupcake dessert home. Bernice cried happy tears as she watched everyone dance, especially the little kids.

The newlyweds said, “It was a dream of ours to have Grandma attend our wedding, and we were grateful that that dream was made a reality. Seeing her sitting in the front row of the ceremony and enjoying all the festivities will be a memory we cherish forever”. Everyone agreed that the day would not have been complete unless the entire family, including Grandma, could make it. Not only was the wedding everything the bride and groom could have imagined, but Bernice was also able to have her dream come true.