Twinkling lights, joyful sights, spreading holiday delights! There’s magic in the season, and Barbara’s family wanted to surprise her with the enchantment of Christmas lights in her dream. And what could make it merrier? A stop at Barbara’s beloved Runza, a Nebraska staple!

Barbara’s dream was kept a surprise, with Dreamweaver staff transforming into Santa’s helpers. Barbara was pampered without giving away the surprise. With a stunning new outfit in turquoise and purple hues, along with accessories, Barbara felt like a star.  The pampering continued with a manicure and hairstyling, the hairstylist traveling to Lincoln just for her!

On the dream evening, Barbara was greeted with a delightful surprise with her daughters, Terri, and Patti, by her side. Once at Runza, they were joined by her sons-in-law and a grandson, savoring her favorite meal of chili, chicken strips, and fries. Post-dinner, it was time to bask in the holiday spirit by admiring Christmas lights! Cruising through neighborhoods, they marveled at the dazzling displays. Their holiday light adventure reached new heights at the Magical Lights of Lincoln, boasting over 1.5 million lights, leaving the family in awe and brimming with holiday cheer! Barbara’s surprise dream became a heartwarming adventure filled with family, festive lights, and the joyous spirit of the holiday season.