The Kanas City Chiefs vs. The Philadelphia Eagles game was the most anticipated match-up of the NFL season, the battle of the 2023 Super Bowl teams, the Veterans’ recognition game, the face-off of the Kelsey brothers, and the day Art’s dream came true! After being a Kansas City Chiefs fan for over 15 years, Art thought it was about time he attended his first NFL game to support his favorite team.

With unpredictable Midwest weather, Art was ready to weather the storm with numerous layers of Chief’s gear packed as he and his family headed to Kansas City for the weekend. Arriving in Kansas City the day before the game, Art and his family decided to explore the city and found themselves at Kansas City Union Station. The historical monument was a must-see destination, decorated to the nines for the holidays. As Art soaked in the history, he stated that the experience “blew him away.” With many dining options in the city, the family found a restaurant specializing in German cuisine. Authentic German cuisine is a nod to Art’s past, as he served in the United States Military and was stationed in Germany for 16 years.

Art will be the first to tell you that an NFL game day experience is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Arriving at Arrowhead Stadium before the game, he found himself among the thousands of fans tailgating. With live music playing, Art danced in his wheelchair, astonished by the thousands of celebrating fans. Art and his family had “perfect seats” for the game as they cheered on the Chiefs! The seats proved to be better than expected as it began to rain, but they stayed warm as their section was covered, sheltering them from the weather. For extra help to keep warm, Art sipped on a Gluhwein, a German mulled wine served hot, that happened to be sold at the game.

Art cheered on the Chiefs and couldn’t help but notice how different the game is when you watch it in person rather than on TV. For Art, the best part was the energy radiating from the fans. With so much momentum coming from the crowd, Art was in awe by how caught up in the celebration he became as he happily matched the energy! Despite the Chiefs’ loss, it was a weekend Art and his family will cherish.