Ardeth is an 89 year old widow from Council Bluffs, Iowa. Since the death of her husband, her diagnosis of COPD and the need for constant oxygen, Ardeth’s life has become very simple. She is able to go to The (Senior) Center in Council Bluffs occasionally where she can be with friends and share a congregant meal.  However, according to her nominator, that is about her only social experiences these days.  Ardeth lives on a very frugal income as well, which makes things even more challenging for her.  Most conversations with Ardeth include remembering when her and her husband did different things together  and it is easy to see she once was a very active and social woman.

When Ardeth was nominated for a dream she could hardly believe it.  She kept asking where will we go, what will we do, and are you sure you have the right person?

The one thing Ardeth had expressed to several people was how much she needed and wanted a new winter coat. So, shopping for a new winter coat went to the top of the list for her dream experience. From the minute the limo arrived on that Sunday afternoon to pick Ardeth and her friend Cindy up for her dream, she couldn’t stop smiling and giggling like a little girl.

First stop was Von Maur to pick out that new winter coat along with a matching hat, scarf and gloves.  An added and unexpected bonus included a new outfit to wear on her dream.  Following the shopping spree Ardeth was treated to a little pampering as she relaxed to a manicure, pedicure and mini makeover.  She looked beautiful and glowed from head to toe!

Next stop was Ardeth and her husband’s favorite restaurant for lunch, the Bohemian Café.  Ardeth is proud to say she is 100% Bohemian and can even speak Czech.

After all this special treatment Ardeth thought when they climbed back into the car that her dream day was over.  Little did she know that her and Cindy were headed to the Orpheum for The Radio City Rockettes!  Ardeth could hardly believe it when they pulled up in front of the theater.  She had always wanted to see a show at the Orpheum but never felt she could justify the price of a ticket.  As she stepped out of the car she was so excited she commented that she felt like a movie star headed to a premiere showing.

A couple of weeks later when her son came to pick her up for Thanksgiving dinner and asked if he could get her coat he demanded to know what was going on and where she had gotten such a fancy coat and new clothes.  Ardeth smiled from ear to ear and shared with her son that even at age 89 dreams do come true.