Ann is such a sweet, creative, and loving woman. She was nominated to receive a Dream from Dreamweaver Foundation by her granddaughter. Her granddaughter raved about how caring her grandmother has been to all of her grandchildren over the years. It was very clear upon first meeting Ann, that her family is the most important to her.  

One of Ann’s favorite pastimes was to dance to polka music. Her favorite local polka band is the Barry Boyce Band. To fulfill Ann’s Dream, she and her family attended a Barry Boyce Band show during the Oktoberfest event at the German-American Society. Ann was dressed to the nines in the outfit our friend, Evelyn, at Von Maur picked out for her big evening.  

Prior to heading over to Oktoberfest, Ann and her family traveled in style in a limo to Ann’s favorite restaurant, Fazoli’s. After enjoying a wonderful meal together, the limo took them to Oktoberfest. Our friends from the German-American Society were kind enough to save a table near the stage for Ann and her family. To Ann’s surprise and great pleasure, Barry Boyce shared a special shout out to her during the show and even took photos with her.  

Ann had a wonderful evening spending time with her loved ones and listening to her favorite music. We are very grateful to everyone who helped make Ann’s polka Dream a night to remember, creating lifelong memories.