When the Dreamweaver team met with Ann and asked what her Dream was, she immediately said she wanted to go to dinner with her family! Ann was so excited to be having a reunion dinner with her family at her favorite restaurant, Bonefish Grill.  

In preparation for this very special dinner, Ann was gifted a gorgeous blue floral dress and comfortable ballet flats. Ann and her family were picked up in a stretch limo and enjoyed riding in style to the Bonefish Grill!  

Ann’s daughter, as well as her son, came to surprise Ann on her big day. And she was accompanied by daughters (Wanda and Harriett), two granddaughters (Emani and Kahla), and two great granddaughters (Skylar and Jaxon).  They all enjoyed a delicious meal and catching up with one another.  Ann looked around the table at her lovely family and was fill with gratitude and joy to once again be together with them. After their meal, they piled into the limo and headed to Coldstone Creamery for a tasty dessert. 

Ann said it was a beautiful evening and she was so appreciative to be celebrated by her loved ones.  The Dreamweaver team was pleased to help with this beautiful family dinner.