Ann is the matriarch of her loving family. When nominated for a Dream, she knew just what she wanted – to have her entire family together again for dinner- she always enjoyed cooking for her loved ones. And when she wasn’t doing the cooking, they visited one of their favorite restaurants, Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, and Ann wished to visit it once again.

The morning of her Dream, Ann had her hair styled and her nails painted. Everyone deserves to be pampered! She wore a sunshine yellow shirt with a bright, colorful jacket- she was stunning in her vibrant outfit! Her party attire was accessorized with a pin-on corsage and necklace with her birthstone.

Ann’s family was all waiting for their guest of honor when she arrived at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse. Prior to sitting down to dinner, Ann asked that everyone’s phone be put away so they could be present with each other. She was thrilled to once again be surrounded by her loved ones to share a meal, and Johnny’s served them a delicious three-course dinner!  The conversations were meaningful and engaging as the family visited with each other.

Before saying goodbye, Ann and her family gathered for family photos to commemorate her special Dream dinner. The smile on Ann’s face as she retold stories of her family reunion was always bright, happy, and filled with love. The Dreamweaver Team was pleased to be able to help fulfill Ann’s Dream of dinner with her family!