Anne was so eager to be reunited with her husband, Jerzy after 18 months had passed without the two seeing each other due to living in separate towns. When Anne was nominated for a Dream with Dreamweaver Foundation, she knew she desperately wanted to spend time with her husband. The Dream Team worked to plan a personalized, meaningful, and joyous reunion for the two. Since both Anne and Jerzy are Polish, she wished to have a traditional Polish meal for their reunion.

Anne was prepared for the big day with a beautiful blue floral blouse, a stunning bracelet adorned with the Polish flag, and a white floral pin-on corsage. Jerzy also received a navy blue polo shirt to wear on his “date.” When the dream date finally arrived, Anne traveled with Blair Blue Community Transportation to visit her husband at his care community in Valley, NE. The dining room was decorated with a light blue tablecloth, a Polish flag banner, and a beautiful floral arrangement for the dining table. The polish meal provided by Hy-Vee included smoked Polish sausage, cooked potatoes and carrots, sauerkraut, rolls, and the couple’s favorite dessert: Tiramisu.

Upon arriving and seeing each other, both Anne and Jerzy had tears in their eyes. They were not the only ones feeling emotional, as members of the care community, staff, and volunteers in attendance felt the happiness surrounding the reunion. The couple thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company and shared a kiss on the hand as they said their goodbyes.