Although she is 90 years old and suffers from kidney failure and a chronic heart condition Angela is full of life and laughter. She spends most of her time crocheting and blessing people with her handmade gifts. She makes baby blankets for friends and family, but she also makes hats and scarves for homeless individuals and donates them to local shelters. Angela lives with her daughter Karen yet due to her physical limitations, she is unable to go out and enjoy the things she once did. Creating a dream day for Angela and her daughter to get out of the house and spend special time together was the plan. What better way to spend the day than a special fall outing to The Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, NE.

Angela was referred from her hospice nurse who felt that once winter set in she would not have an opportunity to get outside and chances were good that she may not be here for spring. Having worked with the Dreamweaver Foundation in the past, she felt it was worth a call to see if a special dream day could be arranged. Because Angela tires easily and any long distance travel would be impossible, therefore creating something close to home, but very special seemed like the best dream for this lovely lady.

At 9:45 am on September 29th a black sedan arrived to escort Angela on her dream. The day was beautiful, the sun was shining and everything was in order to make this a memorable event. As the sedan pulled up in the rounded drive outside of the gardens, Angela was greeted by volunteers who attached a beautiful corsage to her sweater and shared the activities planned for the day. For the next hour Angela, her nurses and her daughter strolled through the fall mums and colorful plants and enjoyed the scenery while chatting.

At 11:15 the group settled in for a delicious lunch complete with hot tea and desserts. It was like old times, friends and family relaxing and enjoying a special day. Angela was given a beautiful Dreamweaver necklace and snuggly fleece blanket as part of the festivities as well as the fall floral centerpiece for her room.

Following lunch, the entourage boarded the tram to take a tour of the grounds and see the flowers still in bloom while catching a glimpse of a colorful tree or two along the journey. Everyone laughed and talked and it was certain that by the time the sedan arrived for the elegant ride home Angela would have made special memories with her daughter that would never be forgotten.

At one point along the path, Dreamweaver board member Judy Workman asked Angela if she was enjoying her day. Angela’s response was “this feels like heaven!”

*Photos by Diana Koger