Alyzah was nominated by a new friend for a Dream with Dreamweaver Foundation. It had been over a year since Alyzah visited her hometown of Searcy, Arkansas. And her Dream was to see her three children and 19 grandchildren. Dreamweaver Foundation helped Alyzah with her travel plans as she geared up to take a two-week road trip. 

Her first stop was in Georgia to visit her dear friend, Elka. Worn out from the drive, the two friends spent time together lazily sipping warm tea, laughing, and walking around a nature park in town. Even their dogs were happy to be together again. Alyzah’s dog, Osher, sure was excited to meet new friends, including some horses. The good friends ate homemade ice cream, a summertime cucumber tomato salad, and a slow-cooked white chili, with sweet tea, of course! Alyzah was tickled to spend quality time catching up with Elka. 

The next leg of Alyzah’s journey took her to Alabama to visit her friend, Crystal. The two had the time of their life riding a friend’s speed boat on a nearby lake. Alyzah said they had “so much stinkin’ fun” and she could not stop smiling. It had been years since she had been on a speed boat and was so happy to experience it all again. 

The final stop on Alyzah’s road trip was to her hometown of Searcy, Arkansas. Her three children and 19 grandchildren live in and around the town. She had not visited her family for over a year, and it felt so good to be together again. Alyzah took time to visit each family for special, one-on-one time together. They worked in the garden, went swimming in the lake, and took care of the family’s animals which include cows, chickens, goats, sheep, and dogs. Alyzah felt so grateful to be back with family and to see how her grandchildren had grown over the last year. She said it was her happy place. 

Being on the road visiting friends and family for an entire two weeks can really take a toll. The moment Alyzah got back home, she collapsed into bed and made sure to do nothing important for the next couple of weeks while she caught up on sleep and regained her energy. Looking back, she said she did not take as many pictures as she had hoped, but that just means that she was present and in-the-moment the entire trip. Reconnecting with friends and family is good for the soul, and we are so glad we could help Alyzah with the opportunity to do just that!