Who is KidGlov?

KidGlov is a full-service boutique marketing, branding, and advertising agency with offices in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska. We believe this beautiful world can be made even more beautiful. Because of this belief, we work with others who are just as committed to effecting positive change, tackling big problems, and creating innovative new ways to advance our communities.

The organizations we typically work with fall into one of the following areas:
Social Impact
Purpose-Driven Business

From initial strategy to measuring results, we’re your partner for every step of the process. Insightful collaboration drives our culture and client work. You’ll see it in every meeting, every marketing plan, and every creative execution. In the end, you’ll see results that move your brand and your message forward, raising funds, bringing in patients and customers, or getting you the recognition you deserve.

KidGlov is a certified B Corporation and has been recognized multiple years as a Best Places to Work. We are Omaha’s 2021 Agency of the Year and Lincoln’s 2021 Corporate Marketer of the Year in addition to being recognized as a top winner in American Marketing Association, American Advertising Federation and Public Relations Society of America awards competitions. We host the Agency for Change podcast to give voice to organizations and individuals who make the world a better place.

Why is it important for KidGlov to support Dreamweaver?
What ties you to our mission?

KidGlov’s overarching purpose is to put a megaphone in front of organizations like Dreamweaver who are doing good in the world. We are so proud to be involved in the marketing, advertising and branding initiatives of this amazing organization. Each of us have seniors in our lives that we dearly love. It is our hope that they will have the gift of meaningful experiences that inspire good memories for the entire family.

“KidGlov’s overarching purpose is to put a megaphone in front of organizations like Dreamweaver”

What is your Bucket List Dream?

Our bucket list dream would have to combine our love of family togetherness, creativity and community betterment. We would love to see a family work with a local artist to create a community mural. This experience would brighten the lives of the family and would have a lasting and joyful impact for others who experience it.

How has virtual connection played a role for team members at KidGlov over the last couple of years?

As with nearly every other business in the country, KidGlov suddenly went to remote work during the pandemic. Not satisfied with “good enough” we took it upon ourselves to actually improve our culture while working remotely. We instituted several practices that we have chosen to keep permanently such as daily staff check-in, remote social experiences and working from home. We are happy to now have a hybrid work culture where we can enjoy both the connection of in-person experiences and efficiency of working from home.

On a broader scale, in the past two years our team has been able to expand the reach of GrandPad and connect more than 1.3 million users – including seniors, their family members and friends, and their caregivers – in more than 120 countries.