Who is GrandPad?

GrandPad is a simple and secure tablet computer that digitally connects a senior to their family and friends. The senior can easily view family photos and videos, play games, see weather for each family member, listen to music, check emails, make phone calls, place a video chat, and much more.

Why is it important for GrandPad to support Dreamweaver?
What ties you to our mission?

Our mission at GrandPad is to improve the lives of millions of seniors by reconnecting them with their family, friends, and caregivers. Our partnership with Dreamweaver is unique and powerful, because it allows us to advance a shared mission, while enabling connections that combat isolation via Dreamweaver’s Connecting Hope Program.

The partnership between Dreamweaver and GrandPad allows us to collectively elevate our missions and continually improve the quality of life of seniors who are living with terminal illnesses around the world through the gift of joy, hope, and connection to their communities and loved ones.

Most importantly, we hear stories every day that demonstrate the difference we are making in the lives of seniors by connecting them with their loved ones when their illness may prevent them from traveling and when they don’t have the means to afford technology.

“Our mission at GrandPad is to improve the lives of millions of seniors…”

What is your Bucket List Dream?

Our Bucket List Dream is to live in a world where no senior is lonely or isolated and every senior has the opportunity to live grand, regardless of age, health status, or technology experience.

How has virtual connection played a role for team members at GrandPad over the last couple of years?

The virtual connections that the GrandPad purpose-built tablet solution enables have allowed our team to support continuity of care for seniors and at-risk adults during the pandemic. The reliability of our platform and the engaging nature of the GrandPad tablet have allowed us to forge relationships with community organizations, nonprofits like Dreamweaver, and clinical healthcare organizations like the National PACE Association to keep seniors engaged with their communities, their care providers, and their loved ones.

On a broader scale, in the past two years our team has been able to expand the reach of GrandPad and connect more than 1.3 million users – including seniors, their family members and friends, and their caregivers – in more than 120 countries.