Carson Group

Who is Carson?

Carson Group is an entire ecosystem dedicated to help advisors better serve their clients and grow their firm. Advisors are able to unleash their firm’s full potential either through Carson Coaching, one of the largest advisor coaching programs in the nation, or by joining Carson Partners to receive industry leading marketing, technology, compliance, investments, succession planning and mergers & acquisition support.

Why is it important for Carson to support Dreamweaver?
What ties you to our mission?

Dreamweaver has held a special place in my heart from the very beginning. This organization puts our greatest generation first and recognizes them for the path they have paved for all of us. There are so many worthy causes out there and Dreamweaver has put a spot light on our parents and our grandparents and shows them, and their family, that they are truly special and so worthy of recognition.

“It’s important for Carson to support Dreamweaver because this cause is engrained in all of us.”

My tie to this mission was two things:

  1. The lack of attention and resources for this group. When we first started the foundation we looked for other organizations that focused on the +55 age group. We didn’t find anything local and maybe one or two organizations nationally that recognized seniors. We knew we could make a big impact here.
  2. My first Dream. After seeing firsthand the impact on Warren and Jeanine and what their dream not only meant to them, but their family, I knew I wanted to stay connected to this organization for the long haul.

I feel it’s important for Carson to support Dreamweaver because this cause is engrained in all of us. We have stakeholders who volunteer for Dreams, write holiday cards, support the foundation financially and when you see an entire company back something, it’s a beautiful sight to see.

Kelsey, what is your bucket list dream?

One of my bucket list dreams is to go on a mission trip through my church. I want to combine my sense of adventure with doing something good for others. And beyond just helping, I want to learn from other societies on how they live, how they build communities. And in turn, I want to learn more about myself and the impact I want to have in this world

How has virtual connection played a role for stakeholders at Carson Group over the last couple of years?

The last two years has certainly changed all our views on the virtual world and its prevalence in today’s society. It’s helped Carson become more flexible and open to different ways of working, and thinking. We have a hybrid approach to our workspace. We feel remote work has its place and we also believe in the power of people coming together in-person for community and collaboration.