Our Mission

Dreamweaver Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of seniors who are terminally ill, making their life-long dreams come true through incredible experiences they will never forget.


Dreamweaver inspires good connections and lasting memories, despite the effects of life-threatening illnesses, that enhance the emotional, social and spiritual health of seniors and their loved ones.

It truly takes a village to make dreams come true. We are forever grateful to our Dream Team and community Partners for joining us in giving gifts of hope to seniors in need.

See our Financials via IRS Form 990s and feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have. Thank you!

Our Founder’s Story

Ron and Jeanie Carson grew up high-school sweethearts in small farming communities in Nebraska. After marrying, they had three children, Chelsie, Maddie, and Grant. In 1984, Ron went into business for himself starting Carson Wealth, one of the largest wealth advisory firms in the country. 

Throughout the years, the Carson’s knew they wanted to find a way to give back…to leave the world a better place than they found it.  Some of Ron and Jeanie’s fondest memories in life have come from witnessing the happiness of elderly loved ones when even the simplest of their dreams was fulfilled.  Those sweet experiences inspired the Carson’s to provide the same opportunity for others.

 And so, in 2012, they founded Dreamweaver Foundation.  A non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling life-long dreams for seniors with a chronic or terminal illness.  

 We invite you to join the Carson family and help us add to the lives of terminally ill seniors by allowing their dreams to come true through love-filled, bursting-with-life experiences they will never forget.