Don was born and raised in Valparaiso Nebraska, dedicating his life to his family and farming.  Eventually circumstances necessitated Don’s move to Lincoln, but he never lost his love for his farm and friends in Valparaiso. Dreamweaver Foundation wanted to help Don celebrate his birthday, making it extra special by taking him back home.  With the assistance of our friends at Sumner Place, Don was transported back to Valparaiso for a fun-filled day!

To kick off this special Dream, Don was welcomed back to his farm and greeted by a lineup of all his favorite farm machinery!  His family was there, staging the tractors and other equipment, giving him warm greetings and taking him for a tour around the farm before they all headed into town for the birthday celebration.

The American Legion in Valparaiso was their destination, with a celebratory lunch and open house so all of Don’s family and friends could come celebrate his birthday with him.  Don personally selected his favorite foods, including sloppy joes, mashed potatoes, macaroni salad and potato salad.  The Dreamweaver team made sure to incorporate the farm theme with John Deere centerpieces and decorations.

During the afternoon open house, Don was reunited with even more family, friends, and neighbors.  The Dreamweaver team was pleased to help with this special afternoon of reminiscing and making new memories, a birthday celebration Don won’t soon forget.