Linda remembers she and her three sisters didn’t have much leisure time between school and working at the Kearney Clinic for her dad. There wasn’t much time for fun or to be pampered, they were very hard workers. Linda graduated from Kearney High School in 1978 and married her high school sweetheart the next year. In 1981, their first-born arrived, followed by baby number two a couple of years later. Linda always enjoyed the Colorado Springs area; she loved the beautiful and majestic Rocky Mountains. She and her husband moved their family to Colorful Colorado and shortly after baby number three was born. Linda decided to go back to school for an associate’s degree in accounting. Her 4.0 GPA and excellent 10 key data entry allowed her to excel as an Event Coordinator position at Premiere Global.

When Linda’s father became ill, she and her family moved back home to help take care of him. Her father was one of the first 25 people to receive a heart transplant. After he passed away in 1989, Linda and her husband moved back to Colorado for her second 5-year stint. This time going back to school to be a medical assistant. Her daughters stayed back in Nebraska, starting their own families. A check-up led Linda to a cancer scare. That is when she decided it was time to be closer to her children and grandkids.

Throughout Linda’s life, her sisters have always been there when she needed them the most. They helped her move, visiting often from Ogallala and Lincoln; she knows she can always count on them for whatever she needs. She has always wanted to do something to give back to them. That’s when Prairie from AseraCare in Kearney stepped in and thought, maybe Dreamweaver Foundation could help! Linda wanted to spend time with her sister’s doing something they never have the chance to do, be pampered!

On a beautiful, fall morning Your Own Limo arrived to escort Linda and her sisters in style to their manicure appointment at T&T Nails. The ladies had never ridden in a limo before, so it was especially fun! Linda had her nails and toes painted purple with a beautiful design on one finger on each hand. Her sister chose a beautiful deep red color.

Next, Your Own Limo picked up the ladies and transported them to their lunch reservations at Red Lobster. Linda had her favorite, Rock Lobster Tail with Creamy Langostino and Norway Lobster Mashed Potatoes.

“Thank you so much for everything. It went so well,” Linda reported.

Thank you, AseraCare Kearney, Your Own Limo, T&T Nails, and Red Lobster for partnering with us to fulfill Linda’s Dream.