We Are Dreamers

All of us. And we live our lives trying to make those dreams come true. Yet there are some that don’t have the means to make it happen.
This is why Dreamweaver Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of seniors who are terminally ill.

By inspiring good memories to be found despite the effects of a life-threatening illness, Dreamweaver Foundation
enhances emotional, social and spiritual health of seniors and their loved ones, too.

Dreamweaver Foundation is committed to honoring our most cherished generation in their final days, making their life-long dreams
come true through incredible experiences they will never forget.

Dreams and Beyond

Ed’s Dream

Ed and his brother Mike grew up fishing on the Elkhorn River. With a Miller Lite in hand, the brothers would sit on shore, cast [...]

Kelly’s Dream

Some Dreamers want simple things, like sharing their favorite meal with a family member. But sometimes it takes a little coordination and a lot of [...]

Mary’s Dream

For months, Mary has been thinking about what her Dream could be.  Mary was nominated by AseraCare Omaha to fulfill a Dream.  When Ashley from [...]

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