We’re all dreamers. Yet, some of us don’t have the means or the time to make our dreams happen. This is why Dreamweaver Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of seniors who are terminally ill.

Dreamweaver gives gifts of hope that inspire good memories, despite the effects of life-threatening illnesses, that enhance the emotional, social and spiritual health of seniors and their loved ones.

Dreams and Beyond

Vicki’s Dream

Vicky is a spunky woman who knows what she wants! While she has many hobbies such as coloring, collecting stuffed animals, and watching her favorite [...]

Norman’s Dream

While most of us would consider living to see a 100th birthday as quite a feat, if you asked Norman about his upcoming birthday, he [...]

Joyce’s Dream

Music has always moved Joyce, and Joyce loves to move it!  In her younger years, Joyce and her late husband had won country line dancing [...]

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