We dream of a world where every older adult feels hopeful, cherished, and connected to someone who cares. Dreamweaver brings joyful experiences and connection to older adults.

Dreamweaver gives gifts of hope that inspire good memories, despite the effects of life-threatening illnesses, that enhance the emotional, social and spiritual health of seniors and their loved ones.

Dreams and Beyond

Rod’s Dream

Rod, a natural athlete with a lifelong passion for football, devoted his adulthood to playing the sport and sharing his love for physical fitness through [...]

Vicky’s Dream

Vicky's dream was to visit her son, Joshua, before his major surgery. Accompanied by her daughter, Melisa, and son-in-law, they embarked on a lengthy two-day [...]

Bob’s Dream

Twinkling bright, a festive delight, Christmas lights make the season just right! Years ago, Bob found himself with an important task, as she used to [...]

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